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Aynesworth Elementary

Coach - Zachary Rocca

Meet - Wed. 2:45-4:45pm and Swift

Birney Code Club

Birney Elementary

Coaches - Melany Ramirez & Susana Tzintzun-Lopez

Meet - Mon. & Fri. 2:45-3:45pm & Minecraft

Birney Code Club

Burroughs Elementary

Coach - Kathleen Abell

Meet - Wed. 2:35-3:35pm

Forkner Code Club

Forkner Elementary

Coach - Juan Olvera Hernandez

Meet - Tues. 2:30-3:30pm

Code Combat, Minecraft & Robotics

Boy with glasses coding

King Elementary

Coach - Maria Buendia Renobato

Meet - Wed. & Fri. 12:25-12:40pm and Edison

Eaton Code Club

McCardle Elementary

Coach - Shamara Garcia

Meet - Wed. 2:30-4pm

Two boys coding

Norseman Elementary

Coach - Dana Hobby

Meet - Tues. & Fri. 7:45-8:20am

Bullard Talent Code Club

Scandinavian Middle School

Coach - Donna Cardona

Meet - Thurs. 12:00-12:30pm

Code Combat, Minecraft & Robotics

Tehipite Code Club

Sunnyside High School

Coach - Jose Beneviendes

Meet - Wed. 2:45-3:30pm

Vinland Code Club

Vinland Elementary

Coach - Mary Park

Meet - Wed. 2:25-3:15pm

Winchell Code Club

Winchell Elementary

Coach - Santiago Ceja

Meet - Mon. & Wed. 2:45-4:00pm

Forkner Lego tower

Wolters Elementary

Coach - Bonnie Carlos

Meet - Tues. & Thurs. 3:00-4:30pm